Video Transfer Services

1. Do you send any of my film or photos out to be transferred? NO. All orders taken are completed on site with no subcontracting. I take special care to treat your memories like the treasures they are.

2. What kind of media can you transfer to a DVD or Flash Drive? I can transfer any tape format from Beta, VHS, VHSC, PAL VHS, Hi8, and MiniDV onto a DVD or Flash Drive.

3. Do I get my tapes back? Yes. You receive all of your film and tapes back once they are transferred .

4. I have old photos, negatives and slides. Can they be put on a DVD or Flash Drive? Yes. I convert them to JPEGs and can give them to you on a CD, DVD or Flash Drive which will allow you to make prints of them or play it on your computer. I can also put them into a slideshow format with music and fading transitions that will play on your DVD player.

5. When you transfer 8mm and Super 8 film to a DVD or Flash Drive, how many reels will fit on one DVD or Flash Drive? A DVD or Flash Drive will hold two hours of video. Up to 1200 feet of 8mm film will fit on one DVD or Flash Drive. That would be 24 of the 3” 50 foot reels. Super 8 films run a little faster and you may get up to 1500 feet of film, or 30 of the 50 foot reels.

6. I have old family recordings on cassettes. Can you transfer these to CD? Yes. I am also able, in some cases, to take old reel to reel sound recordings and make CD’s of them.

7. Photo productions: Does it matter what size my photos are? No. We can use anything from wallet sized to 8×10. They will appear the same size on your TV.

8. Can I mix photos and slides in a production? Yes. Photos and slides can be used in any combination.

9. Do you take credit cards? No, but we gladly accept checks.

10. Do I need to do anything before I bring you my reels to transfer? Larger reels have footage markers on the spines of the reel. See where your film ends, count the footage and do the math. I am easily able to give you a total cost on your transfer when you bring your film in. It is helpful if you have them numbered in the order you want them transferred.

11. I have old floppy disks from a long gone computer, can you do anything with this? Depending on how they are formatted, I am able to digitize photos or documents and give them to you on a disk that your current computer can read.

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